Teaching And Learning CPD Course

This course is designed to help delegates boost their capacity to successfully deliver engaging and instructive sessions to students by offering them the opportunity to explore, collaborate and share best practices. The course offers opportunities for teachers to build on the skills they already possess and acquire new ones. It also facilitates the development of reflective practice and the application of modern methodology in the classroom.


The key benefit of our teaching and learning CPD for schools is that it ensures standards across the board are both high and consistent — this is great for a school’s reputation. Our CPD also contributes to maximising staff potential and provides a useful benchmark for annual appraisals. CPD’s has been shown to increase teacher motivation, confidence and commitment to teaching. Learning new skills and applying them in the classroom can lead to a more stimulating and effective teaching environment, while at the same time gaining an internationally recognised qualification.

Market demand

Undoubtedly, as educators encounter challenges in the classroom, they also find solutions that work. Over the years, many educators have been conceptualising and applying solutions to issues faced in classrooms around the world. But barriers in communication prevent the sharing of this professional expertise. The challenge exists in accumulating and sharing these best practices. Continuous professional development (CPD) is the ideal avenue through which this wealth of knowledge and competencies can be shared and combined with a view to producing more effective and efficient educators, as it is by nature a consultative and reflective process.

Who are our delegates?

The delegates are qualified teachers who want to update their skills or schools who want to develop their teachers. They could be newly qualified teachers who are reinforcing the skills learned from their teacher training programme or experienced teachers who want to update their knowledge or address aspects of teaching.

Is previous knowledge required?

An understanding of classroom practice is expected as well as an awareness of the main issues in education today. Delegates should be familiar with planning and delivering lessons in their subject area within a school context.


The course is delivered through online and face-to-face sessions. Delegates will be given guidance on how to meet the learning objectives for each unit. Each unit is completed with an assessed task, allowing delegates to put into practice their learning objective from the units, relevant to their own teaching context. Assessment tasks include lessons observations, peer observations, developing classroom strategies and reports after each unit. Delegates will have access to the use of a centralised online infrastructure, allowing for a portable learning record. At the end of each unit, delegates will review their performance against the learning objectives. They will have a chance to discuss their progress on the course and the learning outcome for each unit with their tutor.

Objective of our teaching and learning CPD programme

Exploring a range of strategies to enhance literacy and other critical learning standards in students, Applying explored solutions to classroom situations, Exploring a range of strategies that can be used to help learners who are challenged by learning disabilities to reach attainment targets, Developing, applying and maintaining the learner centered approach in the classroom, Planning strategically for student attainment and Recognising and facilitating varying learning styles and needs in the classroom

Content overview