Teaching and Learning CPD for Educators

This course is designed to help teachers boost their capacity to successfully deliver engaging and instructive sessions to students by offering them the opportunity to explore, collaborate and share best practices. The course offers opportunities for teachers to build on the skills they already possess and acquire new ones. It also facilitates the development of reflective practice and the application of modern methodology in the classroom.


  • Nationally recognised certificate
  • 15 CPD hours of live tutor time
  • Printable wall certificate
  • CPD time credit conformation
  • Evidence Based Training certificate
  • School’s Accreditation Certificate


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  • Mentors
  • Graduate Teachers
  • Qualified Teachers
  • School Owners


  1. Exploring a range of strategies to enhance literacy and other critical learning standards in students.
  2. Applying explored solutions to classroom situations.
  3. Exploring a range of strategies that can be used to help learners who are challenged by learning disabilities to reach attainment targets.
  4. Developing, applying and maintaining the learner centered approach in the classroom
  5. Planning strategically for student attainment and Recognising and facilitating varying learning styles and needs in the classroom.


The course is delivered through online sessions with an assigned tutor. Delegates will be given guidance on how to meet the learning objectives for each unit. Each unit is completed with an assessed task, allowing delegates to put into practice their learning objective from the units, relevant to their own teaching context. Assessment tasks include developing classroom strategies and reports after each unit. Delegates will have access to the use of a centralised online infrastructure, allowing for a portable learning record. At the end of each unit, delegates will review their performance against the learning objectives. They will have a chance to discuss their progress on the course and the learning outcome for each unit with their tutor.


Course content;

  • Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing
  • Starters and Plenaries
  • Questioning
  • Group Work
  • Differentiation
  • Marking and Feedback
  • Assessment for Learning AFL
  • Teaching Gifted and Talented Students
  • Behaviour Management
  • Inclusion – Special Educational Needs SEN



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