Meet Our Directors

Mr Oseloka Izuora

Mr Oseloka Izuora has an Extended Degree in Science and Computing from the University of East London, a BSc (Hons) in Engineering Product Design from the University of East London, a Teaching Degree from the Institute of Education from University of London, a Master’s in Education from Middlesex University and is currently completing PhD research at the University of Derby...Read more

Afam icha-ituma

Professor Afam icha-ituma is the Vice-Chancellor of coal city university nigeria. The youngest vice chancellor in Nigeria .Professor afam icha -ituma holds a doctorate degree in Human resource management from the University of leicester , UK . His PhD marked a culmination of a long journey of sustained personal illumination driven by an abiding curiosity to broaden the horizons of knowledge...Read more

Anthony Elton Mapp

Anthony Elton mapp earned his doctorate degree from university of surrey , plus a masters in microsystems and nanotechnology from cranfield university and a masters of applied computational science and engineering from imperial college london...Read more

Jane Liversedge

Jane Liversedge takes a vision and makes it a reality through creativity, improving self-esteem, and building social behaviors in students. She intuitively sees the threads of opportunity in every student, brings them together into a coherent whole through skilled and new teaching techniques and a mix of experience to mold attentive students and long life-learners. She is an inspirational educator who tells stories that inspire action while at the same time grounded in personable and empathetic techniques and the ability to collaborate with other colleagues in teaching difficult children. Respected as a credible voice in Teaching and learning, Developing multisensory lesson plans, and enhancing students' love of learning and performance, Russell earns a seat at the table wherever she serves. ...Read more