The Benefits of
CPD's for Employers

The benefits of continuing professional development for employers is something that any business should not disregard. By choosing to use the benefits of CPD, employers can witness the following:

  1. Accredited CPD Training Courses Help Maintain High Standards – Ensuring all staff are trained to the high standards a business expects can be challenging. A strong benefit of continuing professional development is that employee standards remain consistent, and employers know the information taught is accurate and verified.
  2. CPD Can Improve Employee Retention – By actively seeking to improve employees’ knowledge and investing in their progression, staff are more likely to remain loyal to the business. This investment not only provides value to individuals in the workforce but also boosts their own confidence, reducing the chances of them feeling unfulfilled in their role.
  3. Accredited CPD Training Promotes Best Practices – Staff will always be in varying stages of their career and therefore undertaking different levels of CPD courses. By consistently training all staff with the appropriate courses, it allows knowledge to be shared throughout teams and levels. Opening healthy discussions and debates throughout the teams can lead to positive collaborations.
  4. CPD Certificates Lead to a Motivated Workforce – Staff morale is essential to a well run business. With staff all possessing appropriate training to fulfil their roles, motivation is increased. The added benefit of CPD certificates is that staff feel valued by their employers for providing these opportunities.
  5. Benchmarks For Staff Progressions – When decisions are being made in relation to staff progression, it can be difficult to determine who is best for a new role or who possesses the skills to step up. CPD accredited courses provide this information to decision makers, while also giving a benchmark to those employees who are wanting to take the next step in their career pathway.
  6. CPD Requirements are Met – Sectors that are regulated, such as law, finance, construction and medicine have CPD policies that are mandatory. By ensuring any courses undertaken by employees hold CPD accreditation, businesses know these requirements have been properly met.
  7. Furthermore, by utilising the benefits of continuing professional development, businesses are distinguished from other competitors. Allowing them to attract the best candidates and retain their current employees.
  8. In turn, this promotes trust with prospective and current clients by displaying commitment to maintaining the highest level of professionalism within the business.