Professional Biography of Anthony Elton mapp

Anthony Elton mapp earned his doctorate degree from university of surrey , plus a masters in microsystems and nanotechnology from cranfield university and a masters of applied computational science and engineering from imperial college london .

Anthony is distinguished by his ability to identify, leverage and proffer solutions to problems. Throughout his career , he has helped clients, colleagues and subordinates recognize their unique capabilities and position themselves as “A”  players by addressing career strategy, leadership development, professional positioning and visibility. Anthony spends most of his time volunteering in primary and secondary schools delivering support for programs such as total learning support Ltd  and the mentoring lab . He has also provided math, physics ,chemistry and biology tuition  to A level students.


His professional background includes PhD candidate demonstrator at university of surrey, Research scientist at rutherford appleton laboratory and Data scientist at Avant Arte.


Anthony is also the co-author of  the journal enhancing thermoelectric properties of NaCo2O4 ceramics through Na pre- treatment induced nano-decoration. He is the recipient of the AeroMSc bursary award by the royal aeronautical society and royal academy of engineering.