About us

Bespoke Educational Consultancy was founded as a result of a comprehensive research project into the quality of Continued Professional Development CPD provision across the country. Bespoke Educational Consultancy was founded by Oseloka Izuora, based on the core principle of sharing best practice.  Our in-depth research surveyed professionals, and interviewed a range of professional bodies and regulators. We found that the standards of CPD varied greatly and that too much of the training provided was of remarkably low quality or no training provided.

The Bespoke Educational Consultancy was founded to raise standard and quality of CPD by providing an internationally accredited Continued Professional Development Programme. Engaging in Continued Professional Development ensures that both academic and practical qualifications or prior experience, keep up with current thinking, allowing individuals to continually re-skilling themselves. Our mission is to support everyone involved in Continuing Professional Development, to make it accessible, better, easier and more affordable.

The Bespoke Educational Consultancy has been set up to provide an umbrella of services such as a centralised enduring online learning infrastructure for users, allowing them to maintain a portable learning record while gaining an internationally accredited Continued Professional Development Qualification. Users have the convenience of accessing the portal from any location on any mobile device.

Our Accreditation

The criteria, methodology and processes used by the CPD Standards Office is overseen by an independent panel of experts, drawn from academics, employers and professional bodies. The Expert Advisory Board provides a rich and diverse range of expertise. It reviews our activities, processes and criteria, thereby ensuring that our accreditation is authoritative.

Compliance To Government Legislation

Bespoke Educational Consultancy takes an inclusive approach in providing access to our services.We comply and abide by the disability discrimination and equal opportunities legislation. Our data protection policy ensures that information of delegates; records, personal details, progress or data collection, is protected. We adopt a strict privacy policy, ensuring that privacy is protected.